Transforming Waste to Resource

The Challenge

America is facing a municipal waste disposal crisis.

Each year increased amounts of municipal waste are generated. The improper disposal of this waste is a primary cause of pollution. Incineration produces ash, which must be landfilled. Landfills continue to be a major source of our pollution problem, with methane gas releases and ground water contamination. Recycling is a viable option, but realistically can never keep pace with the rate we are creating waste. There was no solution to the municipal waste crisis until now.


The Solution

Transform waste into resources.

Interstate Waste Technologies (IWT) has identified a proven process that transforms waste into resources with no toxic emissions. The Thermoselect process utilizes “gasification” to recycle 100% of waste into clean energy and useful products, including an energy rich synthesis gas that can be used to generate electricity or to manufacture clean diesel and other valuable products.


The Outlook

The future is now.

The environmental benefits of the Thermoselect process are numerous. It eliminates waste, produces no harmful emissions, diverts waste from landfills, runs on the energy it generates and recovers 100% of the waste it recycles – all invaluable benefits to the enviornment and public health.