Independent Third Party Evaluation

The City and County of Los Angeles commissioned two independently prepared comprehensive reports to evaluate commercially available non-incineration waste processing technologies beginning in 2004.
Los Angeles County Report

• Los Angeles City Report

• ​New York City Report

URS, our nation’s largest engineering firm prepared both reports, using two separate evaluation teams and concluded the following:

Based on supplier credibility, existing operations experience, completeness of engineering, landfill diversion, permit ability and economics, IWT and the Thermoselect technology were ranked #1 worldwide.

The New York Economic Development Corporation and the Department of Sanitation evaluated solid waste management technologies beginning in 2003.

The City's consultant, ARI, concluded the following:

Based on technology readiness, reliability, facility design, environmental performance, beneficial use of waste, marketability of recycled products and experience and resources of the project sponsor, the [IWT] Alliance satisfied every criteria along with only one other thermal technology competitor.